About Us

Greetings, we are Robert and Bruce, two shopaholic brothers with a keen interest in trying out new products and reviewing them. We have started Multiverse Reviews to chronicle our shared interest and help you decide which products you should buy. We know firsthand how confusing it is to select a product from a large number of them and will therefore try to make the procedure less confusing for you.

Your reviewer buddy Robert is a freelance web designer who does most of his shopping online as befits a highly introverted guy. Bruce is a photographer who thrives outdoors and loves to shop in malls. In our detailed reviews, you will get to see products from both online and offline companies.

There are so many products to choose from these days that it is hard for us shopaholics to resist the temptation. It happened too many times that we spent our entire paycheck buying things we did not need. We are not proud of this compulsivity and encourage others to choose their products wisely.

Both of us are highly detail-oriented by nature. It helps with our profession and also with our shopping hobby. Whenever we try out a product, we thoroughly evaluate its design, functions, and durability. We like to discuss product qualities and whether our newest purchase is worth the money or not.

During one of our daily debates on worthy products, Robert suggested that we take this discussion online. We were both excited to launch this website, and Robert took the task of designing upon himself! You can hope to read about our personal experiences with various products and our honest opinions about them on this website.

We try out a wide range of products and take it upon ourselves to criticize them. However, we are not experts on every product that we buy and review. Honestly, we do not think of ourselves as experts of anything. We try to be respectful with our words and offer our apologies in advance if they hurt anyone’s feelings.

This website is to share how we feel about different products, and we sincerely hope that our reviews will help some of you. However, our experience may vary from others, and you will find lots of conflicting reviews online. In that case, we will urge you to do your research and trust your judgments.

We wish you all the health and happiness. Happy shopping!