How to Pack a Sleeping Bag in a Backpack

How to Pack a Sleeping Bag in a Backpack

Why You Should Know how to pack a sleeping bag in a backpack

Hiking and camping are adventures that we always want to make the best for you. There is just nothing compared to the feeling of hiking through new destinations and watching those bright night stars.

However, you won’t be able to enjoy it very well if you do not have a sleeping bag with you, and most importantly, if you do now know how to pack it well.

We surely understand that at times, overpacking is very normal for most of us. And taking a sleeping bag along adds considerable weight to our backpacks making the whole journey troublesome. However, you need to look at the other side as well.

The advantages just outweigh the drawbacks in this case. Not every terrain or every mountain you go to will be friendly and comforting.

Some of them will be extremely tough to overcome and that is when you will regret not taking a good sleeping bag or a good backpack as a matter of fact.

Pack Less, Pack Smart

We often get huge queries and complaints that most of your new hikers are facing the issue of always overpacking your stuff. And since we are talking about how to pack a sleeping bag in a backpack, we must discuss it.

A common mistake that most new hikers do is that they either pack too much or pack too little. The trick is just to pack the necessary items that you won’t be able to survive without. In addition to that, how you pack will also depend on the weather of the destination that you will go to.

For example, if you are going to a location with heavy rainfall then waterproofing your camping gear will be a must. Whereas, in hotter climates, you would need to pack that extra hydration pack.

All Weathers

Regardless, no matter what the weather is. One piece of gear that you will definitely need to pack is a sleeping bag. Because as we mentioned before, no matter how cool or hip it might seem to be, sleeping under the open sky outdoors is not really the best option.

No matter how big of a camper you are. And on top of that, after enduring through a hike of series of obstacles and demanding trails, wouldn’t you like to have a good night’s sleep?

Because you very much deserve it. So even though it might take up a lot of space, a sleeping bag is a must-have item in your backpack.

The Basic Way On how to pack a sleeping bag in a backpack

The Basic Way On how to pack a sleeping bag in a backpack

The first thing that should obviously come to your head while hearing about packing your sleeping bag in a backpack is to pack it inside. And yes you are correct, packing the tent inside the backpack is one of the many ways to carry it.

So let’s start with that first. The thing about sleeping bags is that they are quite heavy if you are getting the heavy-duty ones that are. If you will be carrying it inside your backpack then all you will need to do is pack it at the bottom of the backpack.

This is because the sleeping bag will be one of the heaviest items in your backpack. So keeping it at the bottom will balance the weight of the backpack very nicely and will prevent severe injuries.

However, this is not something that you have to swear by. Because if your sleeping bag is comparatively lighter in comparison to your other gear then you can easily slide it anywhere you want. As long as you are comfortable walking around with it.

If your sleeping bag is not waterproof or water-resistant then make sure that you are not packing it anywhere near a water bottle or hydration reserves.

Use A Compression Bag

As sleeping bags are a bit long and heavy, people often get confused about how they are gonna pack it inside the backpack. Well, this is where a stuff bag or a compression bag will come of help.

A compression bag will help you to squeeze the sleeping bag as much as possible so that you can pack it inside your backpack.

It will not only make your sleeping bag pack smaller but will also keep it safe and secure from all wear and tear. They also save up a lot of space.

Keeping Your Sleeping Bag Waterproof

It won’t matter how you are packing your sleeping bag if you do not ensure it’s safety from all types of bad weather. It is very much possible that on your hiking trips you will come across pouring weather and in this case you need to keep your sleeping bag dry and protected.

Yes, there are many waterproof hiking backpacks out there, but most of them are very expensive. A cheaper alternative is getting a pack cover to line the inside part of your pack with a plastic trash bag.

All you need to do is just tie the two ends from the bag and put it as a cover on your compression bag and that would be it.

How to pack a sleeping bag in a backpack by rolling it

Rolling your sleeping bag and putting it inside is also a very easy way to handle your sleeping bag. All you need to do is fold the sleeping bag in half and fold it according to the width. Make sure that it is twice as thick as it originally is.

After that just roll the sleeping bag like a carpet and do not attach the straps to it. Keep in mind to roll the bag as tightly as possible. A tip would be to use your knees on the end of the bag to help you roll it tightly.

There Is Another Option As Well

When you are looking at how to pack a sleeping bag in a backpack, you do not necessarily need to pack the sleeping bag inside the backpack. The reason is that putting it inside makes you lose a lot of space and will leave you no room to pack essential items. Here is when you can try packing the bag outside of your backpack.

Most backpacks these days come with many compressions straps so that you can attach gear to it. And when I say gear, I mean any type of gear. These buckles are attached from two sides of the bag and are very easy to tighten.

You need to use these buckles to pass them over your sleeping bag and tie them down tightly so that it stays nice and secure. Packing your backpack this way means that you get more space inside the backpack and also easy access to your sleeping bag.

Making Your Own Way

If you are using a very basic backpack that does not have any straps then there is nothing to get disheartened about. We have an alternate solution as well. For this, you will need to get some twine ropes from Amazon or your local hardware store.

Use them to wrap around the sleeping bag while you attach another one to your backpack loops. Make sure that you have tightened everything nice and sharp or else your sleeping bag might fall off anytime soon.

Sleeping Bag Stuffing Precautions

Sleeping Bag Stuffing Precautions

At the end of the day, it is personally up to you how you would like to pack your sleeping bag. No matter which way you pack it, there are a few precautions that you would need to keep in mind and they are.

(*) Make sure that your sleeping bag is dry before you roll it inside your backpack.

(*) Make sure that before rolling it there are not any hard objects lying inside the sleeping bag.

(*) Get a compression bag that actually fits the sleeping bag.

(*) Do not store the sleeping bag for a long period of time inside the bag.

Stay Clean, Stay Safe

Accidents in hiking are very common, and while we do not want to scare you out. The majority of them usually occur due to negligence and not taking precautions.

In addition to carrying your emergency kit, something that goes absolutely unnoticed is when you do not clean your sleeping bag.

Mountains and forests are filled with all sorts of bugs and animals that might harm you at any given time when you are sleeping away.

Hence, always make sure to keep your sleeping bag nice and clean no matter how and where you pack it. Trust me, keeping your hiking gear nice and clean at all times will enhance your trip to a far greater extent.